10 Ways To Annoy The Crossfit Coach Without Knowing

Chances are, you’ve annoyed your coach at some point. Whether it’s in a CrossFit class or some other group program, every gym has its fair share of people regularly engaging in behavior that is slowly chipping away at your coach’s once-pure, positive soul. Use this as a guide of what not to do if you like being on Coach’s list of aces. Hopefully, you are fluent in sarcasm.

1. The Gym DJ

Almost every class has a gym DJ. “Play something good,” they’ll yell. Or, “Are we gonna turn up the music?” Yes. Yes, we’ll turn up the music. Have we ever NOT played music loud during a workout? Go DJ, Go DJ…

2. The YouTuber

For some folks, the face-to-face interaction of a coach who knows them well and is familiar with their limitations just doesn’t cut it. Sure, Coach has told you to keep those elbows high on a front squat every week for the last year, but it didn’t click until you saw a random YouTube video where the guy says to keep your elbows high. Make sure to tell your coach you found an incredibly helpful YouTube video that blew your mind.


3. Late on the First Day

Showing up late on your first day is like a cardinal sin. New folks will already require some heavy hand-holding, but don’t make Coach stop the momentum of a class to teach you the entire warm-up in an impromptu 1-on-1 private session to start the class.

4. “Wait, what are we doing?”

Coach has been blabbing about something for the last 5 minutes, somewhere between the warm-up and the main workout for the day. You heard something about how to approach the workout and then your brain drifted to what kind of tacos you’ll be ordering after class. Coach bores you by repeating the same words several times, like she’s trying to get the point across or something. The 10 second countdown starts for the workout and you realize you have no clue what’s happening. What better to do than yell at Coach, “Wait, what are we doing?!”


5. Dropping Empty Barbells

Just don’t do it. Just. Don’t.


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