11 Things That Are Considered Normal At CrossFit But Never Appropriate Outside The Box

CrossFit is not just some fitness program—it is a way of life. It has a culture of its own, and this can be depicted in the way the people who do this behave.

The people form a community inside every box, use a unique kind of language, probably eat the same kind of food, wear the same type of clothes, and thrive on a particular level and manner of social interaction.

But sometimes, what CrossFitters actually consider “normal” inside the box is entirely inappropriate when being practiced in the outside world.

Check out the list below of 11 examples of things that CrossFitters do in the box that do not translate well to the rest of the world.

1. Walking around with chalk handprints covering various parts of our bodies

At CrossFit all this indicates is that the workout involved a tight grip. In the supermarket it looks like Casper has been grabbing at your backside.