12-Minute Killer WODs You Could You Try For The Whole Week!

CrossFit’s goal is to make people who do it become functionally fit for everyday life and build strong, able bodies. It is important then that we ensure we perform these WODs accurately, with proper form and techniques in order to serve the purpose of CrossFit.

For everyday people, CrossFit is a challenge. “With the constant variance in programming, you’re going to be asked to do things you haven’t done before and that puts a fear in many people,” says Keith Wittenstein, Level 4 CrossFit Coach (the highest training designation in the sport), CrossFit HQ Trainer, and senior coach at CrossFit Solace in New York City. “By braving and overcoming that fear, you develop body awareness, and it’s incredible. It’s what makes my job awesome — seeing people do things they’re never done before.”

Here are 6 intense WODs under 12 minutes that you can do for a whole week. Are you ready for that rush of adrenaline? Just make sure to warm up before starting any of them.

CrossFit WOD: Death by Clean and Jerks

Death by Clean and Jerks CorssFit WOD

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