6 Breakfast Cereals That Have Been Approved By A Nutritionist

Breakfast cereal sales have been on the decline, and while part of that is because millennials have not jumped on this easy breakfast option, another one is because folks are concerned about eating healthily. And cereal, because of our memories of the sugary stuff we ate as kids, does not often depict the image of good food choices.

But at the end of the day, we still love cereal because it’s an easy, thoughtless breakfast option. There are only so many overnight oats we can eat, only so many smoothies we can blend. Some mornings, cereal is what sounds right.

And so we set out to find cereals that we could feel good about eating for breakfast. Looking at the calories, fat, fiber, protein and sugar content ― and  the ingredient list ― we consulted with Charles Mueller, associate professor of clinical nutrition at NYU, and found 10 choices that would make a healthy part of anyone’s morning routine.

Each of these cereals got the stamp of approval by Mueller, and he gave each one a grading based on how well it did in terms of ingredients, sugar content and salt. Check them out:

1. Nature’s Path Qi-a! Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal

Mueller says: A. Simple whole ingredients, nothing added.

60g per serving
140 calories
7g fat (.5g saturated fat)
4g fiber
6g protein
0g sugar

Ingredients: chia seeds, buckwheat groats and hemp seeds.

2 Barbara’s Bakery Shredded Wheat

Mueller says: A. One ingredient, nothing added!

40g per serving
140 calories
1g fat
5g fiber
4g protein
0g sugar

Ingredients: 100 percent whole wheat.

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